If Only There Was A Natural, Delicious Way to Prevent Allergies While Helping the Environment & My Local Economy

IMG_0698Spring is glorious. It is also like a baseball bat to the face for allergy sufferers. Luckily Big Pharma has made it easy for you to take Allegra, Benadryl, Claritin, Chlor-Trimeton, Dimetane, Zyrtec, Tavist, Ocu-Hist, Clarinex, Xyzal, Astelin, Patanol, Elestat or Optivar to help you find minor, temporary relief. Luckily these medications are also very expensive, to help you convince yourself of their effectiveness.

Unfortunately, the alternative is an affordable, natural, delicious way to help your body form a robust resistance to allergies. It boosts the health of your entire immune system and tastes like candy for the gods. If that wasn’t bad enough, buying it from a local source helps support the local economy and supports a systematic network that improves the environment and the food system that we rely on to live.