Early Pollen, and other thoughts

pollen beeIt’s good to be a bee in May. Temps are warming up, the queen is laying eggs, and even though you may not see a lot of blooms, the bees are finding them. During the early evenings, you may notice bees like the one in this picture with little dots of yellow and gold on their hind legs. Honeybees are equipped with pollen baskets on these appendages.

Pollen is extremely important for bees in the early spring. Pollen is their protein source. It gives them strength and is also what they feed the developing larvae. Without pollen, their sisters-to-be will perish.

Take a few moments on a nice day to get close to the hive entrance and watch as bees laden with pollen return home. It is fascinating to see the different hues of yellow, gold and orange pollen that they find.